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Sifted Cacao Tea Infusion 4oz Bag
Sifted Cacao Tea Infusion 4oz Bag
Sifted Cacao Tea Infusion 4oz Bag

Sifted Cacao Tea Infusion 4oz Bag

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4oz Loose-Leaf Tea 
We are currently on backorder until January 26 due to the small batch nature of our product. We are doing everything we can to turnaround your order quickly! Once our inventory is restocked, orders will ship within 24-48 hours.

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| Makes approx 30 servings | Shelf stable | 

Here's how to brew it:

Heat 8oz water to 195-200°F

Use 2 grams of loose Sifted Tea
(or approx 1tsp) per 8oz of water 

For a teapot, use 2 rounded tbsp per 2-4 cups water. Steep for a minimum of 5 minutes. To make it stronger, add more tea or use less water. To make it weaker... You get the idea.

French Press | Tea Pot | Tea Infuser | Reusable Muslin Bag | Percolator / Pour-Over


However you like to steep tea, go for it! It can also steep like a coffee - hence the french press and pour-over techniques. Keep in mind that the flavor only gets stronger and bolder (with more hints of chocolate) the longer it steeps. Cacao tea doesn't get bitter or acidic. It just gets more awesome. Steep 4-6 hours and chill for an iced tea concentrate!

| Makes approx 30 servings | Shelf stable | 

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Brooke J.
United States
Magical chocolatey deliciousness

If you love hot chocolate but don’t always want the calories, caffeine, and fat this is the answer! I like to enjoy at bedtime and know it won’t keep me awake. Delicious added to Earl grey tea too! Excited to try it iced once the weather gets warm.

United States United States
Delicious & Guilt Free

Sifted’s cacao tea is insanely delicious. It’s like the guilt free, adult version of getting to drink hot chocolate. I look forward to having a cup every afternoon. Also, it made for a perfect gift for one of my best friends who is currently expecting! 10/10 will keep up this cacao tea addiction.

Lindsay W.
United States United States
Absolutely delicious!

Delicious! Smells delightful! This tea is amazing. I've already purchased a second bag shortly after my first order. I was originally introduced to chocolate tea when my friend had brought me chocolate tea from a trip of hers to Ecuador. I fell in love with the tea and was sad when I ran out of it. So since then, I have been scouring the internet to find a similar tea to purchase. After much searching and trying different types of chocolate tea, I finally stumbled upon Sifted. The Sifted tea is perfect and is exactly what I fell in love with originally. I will need to try some of the recipes on the website. The customer service of this company is great as well. Kudos to Sonia for your help.