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Sifted Cacao Facial Cleanser
Sifted Cacao Facial Cleanser
Sifted Cacao Facial Cleanser

Sifted Cacao Facial Cleanser

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Sifted Cacao Face Mask (2oz jar)

We started with a combination of clay and added cacao to create an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich face cleanser. Making creative use of cacao powder is a big part of our zero-waste efforts at Sifted Tea. We're committed to sustainability!

Is the idea of cacao for skincare new for you? Here's why you (and your friends!) should try this cleanser:

Cacao helps to stimulate blood circulation and aid in the skin's natural healing process. When paired with Rasshoul clay, which is similarly high in magnesium content, the magnesium absorbed into the skin from our Cacao Face Cleanser can help fight acne, draw out impurities, and improve elasticity.

Aloe Vera is high in Vitamin C and promotes collagen production, assisting in strengthening connective tissues for healthy, youthful skin. Mineral-rich clays work to condition, repair and nourish.

We made sure to address sensitive skin with the use of Rhassoul clay--known for its high silica and magnesium content compared to other clays. It can be used daily as a facial cleanser that will exfoliate the skin without stripping the skin of beneficial oils. 

Organic Sifted Tea cacao powder, organic kaolin clay, organic red Moroccan clay, organic Rhassoul clay, organic aloe very powder.

You can make a paste by adding less water and letting the paste dry on your face, or it can be used as a cleanser by increasing the ratio of water to powder. Some suggestions for alternative liquids to try when mixing include: green tea, yogurt, apple cider vinegar, and honey.

Your order today INCLUDES;

1 Heat-Sealed Sampler of Sifted Cacao Tea 

We included brewing instructions, so you can get right to enjoying our signature tea!