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Vacation Mode: Recipe for kids - simple blended cacao

Sometimes life isn't about staged photos, perfect lighting, or even having the right ingredients on-hand. We were on a family vacation at the Oregon coast and my niece had tried a sip of my blended Sifted Cacao Drink.

She said "mmmm, that's yummy, can we make more chocolate smoothie?!!"

1) I didn't dare tell her it was actually blended tea and there wasn't any milk or fruit in it
2) I didn't dare tell her that I hadn't added ANY sweetener to mine - she was trying just PLAIN Cacao Infusion + Unsweetened Almond Milk
3) I said "YES!" let's figure out what we have to work with. 

So in the middle of our messy kitchen, messy house, fun beach activities, and beachy hair, we made a recipe that I think all the kids approved of! 


2 cups Sifted Tea Concentrated (chilled)
1/2 tray of icecubes
1/2 cup (give or take) almond milk or other dairy-free milk
optional - 2 tbsp organic maple syrup (I had them try it first to see if we even wanted to add sweetener. Honestly, it's fine without! Our cacao has an earthy, floral undertone to it that's naturally sweet and not bitter). 


That's it!! I let them add the ingredients to the blender, we mixed it all up, and poured into glasses to share with the family. We had a few cacao nibs on hand but the fancy toppings I would usually use (coconut whipped cream, homemade chocolate syrup, etc) were missing and guess what. DIDNT MISS IT. This recipe is GOOD, PLAIN AND SIMPLE. No fuss. 

Sonia & nieces


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