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Maca Caramel Sifted Tea Latte

Did I say caramel?! Well, maca has an earthy undertone, and when mixed with our floral and subtle-sweet Sifted Cacao + a pinch of coconut sugar... the result is magical. It's like a caramelized chocolate, in your cup, without being 400 calories (eh hem, caramel mochas for $4.95 from a certain coffee shop).  I owe this recipe to my love for maca oatmeal bowls. Adding just a touch of something sweet to maca really brings out its flavor, and pairing it with coconut sugar and cacao is TOTAL BLISS. Try this soon, you guys. Coconut sugar has a warm, almost caramelized flavor to it, similar to brown sugar! Difference being coconut sugar is low glycemic.  xoxo, Sonia RECIPE: Ingredients:Maca powdercoconut sugarSifted...

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Cacao Chai Tea Latte (yum!)

We've all wanted *just a touch* of caffeine some mornings (or more). If you're trying to ease off a habit, or if you're simply down to try something YUMMY, healthy, and new - cacao chai... why not. WHY in the world should I do this? Rather than, say, a dirty chai, or just a regular chai? Or a chai with chocolate sauce? Give me one good reason, you might say. (I'll give you 6... or more).

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