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Handmade Bar Soap - Sifted Cacao's all natural byproduct!

WE ARE NOW ZERO WASTE. HOLLA!!! Why is this handmade soap "zero waste"? Check our latest instagram post. We use the remnant cacao powder from our Sifting process - the important step we take to ensure your cacao tea is pure, clean, and caffeine-free.

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Maca Caramel Sifted Tea Latte

Did I say caramel?! Well, maca has an earthy undertone, and when mixed with our floral and subtle-sweet Sifted Cacao + a pinch of coconut sugar... the result is magical. It's like a caramelized chocolate, in your cup, without being 400 calories (eh hem, caramel mochas for $4.95 from a certain coffee shop).  I owe this recipe to my love for maca oatmeal bowls. Adding just a touch of something sweet to maca really brings out its flavor, and pairing it with coconut sugar and cacao is TOTAL BLISS. Try this soon, you guys. Coconut sugar has a warm, almost caramelized flavor to it, similar to brown sugar! Difference being coconut sugar is low glycemic.  xoxo, Sonia RECIPE: Ingredients:Maca powdercoconut sugarSifted...

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Cacao Chai Tea Latte (yum!)

We've all wanted *just a touch* of caffeine some mornings (or more). If you're trying to ease off a habit, or if you're simply down to try something YUMMY, healthy, and new - cacao chai... why not. WHY in the world should I do this? Rather than, say, a dirty chai, or just a regular chai? Or a chai with chocolate sauce? Give me one good reason, you might say. (I'll give you 6... or more).

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