Recipe: Sifted Cacao + Chaga Mushroom

It was a drizzly fall morning in Seattle so I combined two things I was excited to try this season. Sifted Cacao Infusion (of course) + dried Chaga mushroom. 

The result? Delicious, smooth, awakening, uplifting. In fact, I skipped my morning cup of coffee (which is more ritual than anything else) because I was so focused and productive with my work tasks! 

Recipe is simple, and you can tweak this depending on what kind of Chaga Mushroom you have ***(perhaps you find loose leaf dried Chaga, in which case just add a tiny pinch of it to your loose leaf Sifted Cacao).***

Sifted Cacao (1 serving, approx 1 tbsp then save for a second steep!)
Chaga Mushroom tea (1 serving, only steep for 1-2 minutes then save for a second steep!)
almond milk or other non-dairy milk to taste
honey to taste

1) I steeped one serving of Sifted Cacao, leaving the tea bag in my mug with hot water.

2) I added a tea bag of organic Chaga Mushroom

3) Remove the Chaga mushroom after 1-2 minutes of steeping, as it's quite potent. The lovely thing about North American Spice Chaga is you can re-steep it a few times! I've set aside the Chaga and plan to use it again tomorrow.

4) Even better ... and if you're still reading this, the SECRET IS OUT!! .... Sifted Tea can also be re-steeped!! After drinking your Cacao Chaga beverage save the Sifted Tea and add more hot water later, reusing both tea bags! 

Or in my case you just keep adding hot water. I topped off my mug with hot water 3 times this morning. The milky creamy finish of Sifted Cacao compliments the Chaga perfectly - it's subtle, warm, not bitter, and definitely a COZY UP beverage!! 


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