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Health Benefits - why drink Sifted Tea?!

Our cacao tea contains NO CAFFEINE, though it does boast another similar (yet more subtle!) stimulant. Read on to find out what it is!  We also answer a few key questions in this post about Sifted Cacao Tea and why on earth you should be adding it to your daily routine!!!
"BUT I THOUGHT THERE WAS CAFFEINE IN CHOCOLATE": If you've heard there's a small amount of caffeine in chocolate - you're not wrong. It is found in the bean and nib itself - the parts used to make chocolate. Sifted Tea gets its name from the sifting process where we remove these parts of the bean, leaving behind only the soft, delicate husks for steeping.
"THEN WHY CACAO TEA?": So what is the stimulant in the cacao tea then, and what will it do to your body? Theobromine is a compound closely related to caffeine, but it acts as a more gentle stimulant. Theobromine can provide a similar feeling of alertness and contentment, but it also provides a smoother, crash-free boost of energy - free of jitters and headaches.
Unlike caffeine, theobromine doesn't trigger your central nervous system, making it non-addictive. It works with your soft muscle tissue. Think things like cardiovascular health, improved blood pressure, increased circulation
The energy from theobromine and specifically Cacao Tea provides a "HOLISTIC HIGH", making you feel more focused.
Likewise, the magnesium found in cacao tea will help maintain your energy levels throughout the day.
"WHY NOT JUST DRINK HOT CHOCOLATE": Though this is a fair point, we have several counters to it! 
1) Cacao powder is often too much fiber for some sensitive bellies - like mine. I have a personal backstory to this response:
(this above is Sifted Tea, BTW! Blended with ice, and some goodies of course)

I (Sonia, Sifted Tea owner) have had SIBO and multiple digestive issues in my adult life that have been difficult to navigate. I tried many things, including the Limited Carbohydrate Diet (or Specific Carbohydrate Diet) which restricts and then limits the use of cacao (yes, chocolate!). I almost died... Ok, a bit dramatic but I was like "seriously, what desserts am I going to make now, what in the world will I eat when those monthly cravings kick in". Then here we go,  CACAO TEA came into my life in all its glory. First off, I loved it, it was subtle yet a bit sweet all on its own. It was the gentle pick-me-up I needed, it made me feel GOOD inside and out... something about chocolate, am I right?  It didn't make me feel heavy, the fiber in cacao powder often left me bloated. Steeped cacao was the perfect solution for my sensitive tummy!
2) For all you low-carb-diet people: Cacao powder contains calories and carbs (3g & 12cal in 1tbsp).
Sifted Cacao Tea contains: Zero calories, Zero carbs. 
Also, the roasting process and packaging preservatives often found in cacao powder, or worse yet "cocoa powder" usually totally BUST whatever health benefits you thought you were getting from the cacao! It's over-processed, not single-origin, and I almost guarantee you'll taste the WHY behind getting high-quallity beans once you try Sifted.
PHEW! That was a lot! We've got more to share -- including some really interesting studies being done on steeped cacao specifically, and it's many health benefits!! I mean, there's a lot of reasons you guys, I feel like I already listed a few for you. ;)
See you soon!
Sifted  Tea

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