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Cardamom Honey Cacao Infusion - all natural holiday joy!

Cardamom has all sorts of health benefits that compliment Sifted Cacao beautifully!!
They both: 
-Have antioxidant and diuretic properties which may help lower blood pressure.
-Have Anti-Inflammatory effects
-May help improve digestive problems
-Improve circulation and cognitive function WITHOUT CAFFEINE!
RECIPE: makes 3-4 cups
4-6 whole cardamom pods (we buy bulk organic from a local grocery!)
2 tbsp Sifted Cacao Tea Infusion
3-4 cups boiling water (depending on how strong you want it)
1 tsp raw honey, or monkfruit sweetener optional

Pour into a french press and allow to steep for a minimum of 5 minutes. Leave for approx 10 minutes to release full flavor and health benefits from both the cardamom pods and cacao infusion.

Could also be steeped in a percolator or coffee maker on Bold setting. Cardamom pods soften the longer they sit in hot water, so ideally steep this Recipe using a method that allows for a longer steep!!

Top with foamed milk of choice. I sprinkle with a few of the smaller pieces of Sifted Cacao, from the bottom of my bag!! The cacao husks are entirely edible, though they are a bit more fibrous than regular cacao powder. In my opinion, a little bit of sweetener really brings out the flavor profiles of both the cardamom and cacao - NATURALLY!! 
Enjoy some Sifted Tea this holiday season - it'll definitely make you feel all cozy inside - without the regret or guilt-shaming associated with holiday diet trends!!
-Sifted Tea

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