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Cacao Chai Tea Latte (yum!)

We've all wanted *just a touch* of caffeine some mornings (or more). If you're trying to ease off a habit, or if you're simply down to try something YUMMY, healthy and new - cacao chai... why not.

WHY in the world should I do this? Rather than, say, a dirty chai, or just a regular chai? Give me one good reason, you might say. (I'll give you 6... or more).

Let me put it this way. I'm all about goodies, I love treats, I also love trying to seek balance and curing that "craving" in ways that might be better than over-indulging on something not so great for me.

By mixing your chai (or coffee) with Sifted Cacao you are improving your beverage in these ways:
1) decreasing the amount of caffeine (but still satisfying that craving)
2) decreasing the amount of sugar & additives
3) increasing the amount of antioxidants !
4) adding theobromine which is a gentler stimulant than caffeine
5) adding natural cacao butter (hello, healthy fat!)
6) the natural goodness in Sifted can help;
reduce inflammation
enhance cognitive function
increase circulation
boost energy
protect the heart
lift the mood

Are those good reasons?

Cacao Chai Tea Latte

First thing first. Not really a recipe so much as GUIDELINES for deliciousness.
1) liquid chai concentrate (but only about 1tbsp)
2) 1 serving Sifted Cacao tea (1 heaping tsp)
3) steamed milk
4) toppings of choice: cinnamon was mine!

> You want just a SPLASH of chai concentrate (your choice, I use Rishi but it could be Oregon Chai, Tazo, etc). At most use 1 tbsp of chai concentrate. Less caffeine & more Sifted Cacao.
>> you want your cup to be mostly Sifted Tea (because chocolate and healthy fat)
>>> and you want a splash of steamed milk (your choice)
>>>> and of course cinnamon and nutmeg on top

You want your Sifted Tea to be nice and strong. I have two suggestions for that:
1) Fill a tea bag or metal tea ball with Sifted Tea. Leave it in your cup, don't remove it.
2) Steep a concentrate that stays in the fridge for up to a week, for a quick-fix of Cacao Chai!

if you're going with option 2:
Steep your Sifted Cacao strong, into a concentrate. I LOVE this method because you can keep it in the fridge and use it however you want - heat it up, or have a nice yummy beverage on the go. How? ----
2 heaping tbsp Sifted Tea -> 2-3 cups boiling water
I use a French Press. The key is letting the tea steep nice and loose, for a long time. A teapot would also work great. Pour boiling water over the tea, and let it sit for minimum 4-6 hours (I steep mine overnight!).
Once cooled, pour into a mason jar or other glass container. Put it in the fridge to chill.

Have fun with it guys! This one is meant to inspire your creativity. Use Sifted Cacao as a base for ANY warm beverage. If you're trying to ease off caffeine this is a GREAT recipe. You can do the same method but with a small shot of coffee, perhaps.


Sonia (Sifted owner)

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