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Backpackers Cacao Tea Latte

Take cacao tea on the road with you, literally! We recently went on some Forest Service back roads and brought an early morning tea latte kit. Made a cup in our Yeti before hitting the trails. You can, too!


Use one heat-sealed sample packet of Sifted Tea (available when you buy our Cacao Facial Cleanser) or, get your large 4oz bag of loose tea here!


French press attachment on a Jet Boil. Use approx 1 heaping teaspoon Sifted Tea for a full 8oz cup, or 1 tbsp to serve 2. Pour into the french press, and let the water come to a full boil. Let your tea sit in the french press for a few minutes before pouring into a Yeti mug. Stir in some powdered creamer of choice!

Powdered creamer:

We use Laird Superfood coconut creamer unsweetened, but they also have seasonal and sweetened options! 

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