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6 Awesome Health Benefits of Drinking Cacao Tea During Pregnancy

Herbal tea has fans around the world advocating for its many health benefits, but pregnant women have special considerations when it comes to sipping tea. Here are six health benefits to show why cacao tea makes a great choice for pregnant women. Read on, and drink up!

Get Yummy Hydration

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Drinking plenty of fluids helps all of us to stay healthy, but hydrating becomes especially important during pregnancy. What if you’re just not feeling eight to ten glasses of plain water a day? 

An herbal loose leaf tea like cacao tea offers the same hydrating benefits as those glasses of water -- but let’s be real: It’s way yummier! Having a tasty warm beverage to enjoy in the mornings and evenings can encourage you to drink the recommended amounts of water when you might otherwise stop short. Instead of resenting that recommendation, savor it all the way. 

Find a Healthier Coffee Substitute

Coffee is downright delicious, but during pregnancy it’s helpful to look for an alternative. For one thing, doctors generally recommend reducing your caffeine intake while you’re pregnant (a common recommendation is less than 200 milligrams a day) or avoiding it altogether, and coffee is a primary source of caffeine for most of us. It’s also a diuretic that doesn’t help your hydration.

Try a cup of cacao tea in the morning as a substitute. As our name suggests, Sifted Tea sifts out the caffeine-carrying cacao nibs from our product, and that means our herbal tea is caffeine-free and pregnant lady approved!

Reap the Benefit of Nutrients

When you drink cacao tea, not only do you get the hydrating benefit of water, but you’re also taking in some important nutrients you wouldn’t get with a simple glass of H2O. Cacao boasts antioxidant properties and also contains magnesium -- a super-mineral for pregnant women that can help to ward off anxiety and tension. 


Enjoy a Chocolate Flavor (Minus the Sugar!)

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Unfortunately, chocolate contains sugar (as well as caffeine), and that’s the reason for recommendations to limit your chocolate snarfing during pregnancy, since high sugar consumption can lead to gestational diabetes and other issues. While health experts generally teach that it’s fine to eat moderate amounts of chocolate during pregnancy, sometimes a moderate amount just isn’t enough! 

Here’s a tricky way to keep getting that chocolate flavor without doing anything to draw your doctor’s disapproval: Drink cacao tea! Sifted Tea eliminates all the sugar and all the caffeine from the equation, and you still get a delicious, hearty, and earthy flavor to satisfy that craving. 

Make Sure Your Tea is Safe During Pregnancy

Relatively little research exists on what herbal tea ingredients are best to consume during pregnancy, but cacao tea makes the answer to that question easy! With just one ingredient -- natural, organic cacao husks -- cacao tea has no iffy ingredients, and that means it’s a pregnancy tea everyone can enjoy worry-free. 

Stress Reliever & Mood Booster

While it’s caffeine-free, cacao tea gives you a phenomenal caffeine replacement in the form of theobromine, a naturally occurring compound found in the cacao bean and husk. Theobromine gives you a boost in mental focus and physical energy, lifts your mood, and lowers your stress. While tackling the herculean task of growing a life in their own bodies, pregnant women definitely deserve a little help in those areas!

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