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What's our deal?

We get our husks from organic cacao farmers based in Ecuador. They dry roast cacao beans in the warm sun, hand sorting to keep only the best quality. The husks are carefully separated from the nib after being roasted to perfection. Our cacao tea carries high levels of cacao butter and antioxidants. It's also a great source of naturally occurring theobromine, known for its ability to:

Reduce inflammation

Enhance cognitive function

Increase circulation

Boost energy

Protect the heart

Lift the mood

We hope Sifted Tea will help you to Indulge, Awaken, and Uplift.

healthy & delicious

"So excited to add cacao tea to my daily routine! All the benefits of chocolate without the sugar and other additives, yes!"

Tanya B.

My new favorite tea!

I really liked cacao tea from my first sip. The flavor was subtle...  I really like the versatility, like using post-brewed husks in my smoothies, and the great health benefits. It's like chocolate without the guilt, and I'm looking forward to hearing about other uses!

Jen P.